Our Environment

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Mort & Co is a steward of the natural environment in which we operate. The health of our land directly correlates to the quality of products we produce and the viability of our business.

As a leading Australian grainfed beef producer, Mort & Co is uniquely placed to recognise an increasing consumer demand for sustainably grown food, and a profound obligation to protect and nurture the environment in which it is produced.
To address this, Mort & Co has identified three crucial focus areas:
  • Healthy ecosystems
  • Low emissions
  • Water preservation
We operate in accordance with strict environmental guidelines set out in Australian legislation, as well as stringent standards determined by the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme, including requirements relating to environmental management, reporting and the impact of operations on water, soil, the community and overall ecology. Many of our operational inputs are by-products of internal or external supply chains, such as feedlot manure that is converted into organic fertiliser, and cotton seed and almond hulls that are utilised in feedlot rations. This approach enhances sustainable practices within our operations, including waste mitigation and resource renewal. With substantial investments in technology and innovation, combined with an engrained commitment to ongoing improvement, Mort & Co is positioned to make a genuine contribution to emission reduction and overall environmental sustainability.