Pinegrove Feedlot

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Located in Millmerran, Pinegrove employs 16 team members to oversee operations. Currently licensed for 21,100 SCU, the feedlot has a built capacity of 9,700. On average, the site inducts and exits 500 head (hd) of cattle a week.




Team Members



21,100 (SCU) / Built capacity of 9,700

Jeff Jurd

Jeff Jurd

Pinegrove Feedlot Manager

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Already an established feedlot at the time of purchase, Mort & Co has continued to upgrade Pinegrove over time to ensure it remains a high quality and efficient facility. In 2017, Mort & Co undertook an expansion which increased the capacity from 6100 to 9700 head.

Currently, Pinegrove has 55 pens. Depending on size, these hold anywhere from 170 to 240 head of cattle. Most of the pens at Pinegrove house Black Angus cattle, which fall under the Phoenix Beef Grandchester brand.
Each pen provides cattle with access to clean drinking water, shade and ample space, as well as sufficient feeding room during allocation. Cattle are fed a specially formulated meal that includes the appropriate levels of fibre, energy, minerals, protein and vitamins. Devised by leading animal nutritionists, the custom ration ensures cattle achieve optimal performance. The Pinegrove Livestock team monitor cattle health and performance daily. Where necessary, cattle requiring additional care are removed from the pen, with vets available 24/7 for animal assessment and treatment.

Health and Performance

Each day, the health and performance of cattle in every pen is assessed by Mort & Co team members. Cattle requiring additional treatment are taken from the pen for attention, with vets on call 24/7.


Expert nutritionists carefully devise a balanced diet for cattle to ensure both their nutritional requirements and performance targets are met. Mort & Co rations incorporate quality fibre, energy, minerals, protein and vitamins.

Tailored Approach

As all livestock are grass fed before entering Mort & Co feedlots, a phased approach is adopted when introducing cattle to the grain-based feeding regime.