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T.S Mort embodies the most eloquent of Wagyu dining experiences

T.S MortT.S Mort
T.S Mort


It is only Fullblood Wagyu in its purest form that earns the mark of Mort & Co’s late forebearer, Thomas Sutcliffe Mort.

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T.S Mort Fullblood Wagyu pays homage to the agricultural pioneer and the powerful legacy he etched into our nation’s history.
Handpicked from revered Australian Fullblood Wagyu herds and grain finished for 400+ days, T.S Mort is a signature experience, belonging to only the most audacious of culinary repertoires. T.S Mort is:

Certified Fullblood Wagyu

Grainfed for a minimum of 400+ days

100% MSA graded

AUS MEAT marble scored

No added hormones

Halal certified