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Yarranbrook Feedlot, located near Inglewood in Queensland, is the latest addition to Mort & Co's lot feeding portfolio, wholly acquired by the company in 2024.




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Scott Braund

Scott Braund

General Manager Feedlots

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The feedlot’s strategic location and well-appointed infrastructure complements existing Mort & Co operations, accommodating both short and long-fed cattle programs to service a combination of market segments.

With a built capacity of 17,000 head, the feedlot proudly employs over 24 team members who work to ensure the welfare and performance of cattle is to the highest standard, every day.
Currently, Yarranbrook has 156 pens. Depending on size, these house anywhere from 50 to 200 head of cattle. The feedlot inducts and exits around 800 head of cattle on a weekly basis, with 1400 ton of ration also delivered weekly. With frequent cattle and commodity movements, the site offers excellent road freight access from major feeder cattle production areas in Queensland and New South Wales, and for finished cattle, the location provides ease of access to major beef processing plants. Significant, accessible on-farm acreage also provides opportunities for backgrounding young cattle at Yarranbrook, prior to feedlot entry. This allows our team to purchase cattle in a lighter weight range and develop them to meet individual program specifications. With a reliable water supply, our dedicated lot-feeding initiatives are supported by a well-established farming operation consisting of 250 ha of dry-land cultivation, and 250 ha of centre pivot irrigation. The feedlot is also supplemented by long-standing, quality commodity growers based across the local Boarder Rivers plains and further afield as the season requires. Mort & Co looks to support growth opportunities of the site, to improve Yarranbrook’s position as a leading Australian feedlot and continually deliver world-class beef.

Health and Performance

Each day, the health and performance of cattle in every pen is assessed by Mort & Co team members. Cattle requiring additional treatment are taken from the pen for attention, with vets on call 24/7.


Expert nutritionists carefully devise a balanced diet for cattle to ensure both their nutritional requirements and performance targets are met. Mort & Co rations incorporate quality fibre, energy, minerals, protein and vitamins.

Tailored Approach

As all livestock are grass fed before entering Mort & Co feedlots, a phased approach is adopted when introducing cattle to the grain-based feeding regime.