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13 December 2023



With a culture to improve producer operations, Mort & Co has developed new grazing management technology aimed at delivering accuracy for Australian cattle producers.

Emily Lavis is taking part in Mort & Co’s Graduate Program and as part of her rotation, has chosen to spend some time getting to know the unique software. While offering a broad scope of management insights, it’s the genetic component of Predictor Plus that has garnered her attention.
“For me personally, the genetics side of the program is very insightful. I can relate it back to my family’s Angus operation, so straight away I was able to make a connection and wanted to know more.
"I’ve always had an interest in genetic performance and being able to work with the software and get my head wrapped around it is really exciting.”

Emily Lavis

Graduate Program Trainee


Emily Lavis, Mort & Co Graduate Trainee, explores standard reference weights as part of her Predictor Plus training

Behind the innovative new system is Mort & Co Feed Supplementation Manager, Cameron Best. Mr Best has been on a journey of more than 10 years in the making, developing the software based on his extensive learnings around metabolizable energy in grazing animals.
“An animal’s energy is the first nutrient affected by genetic and production decisions, such as weaning age. Predictor Plus presents producers with the energy cost of their genetic and production decisions and the associated effect on protein and phosphorus demand.”

Cameron Best

Mort & Co Feed Supplementation Manager


Mr Best says the program is really about accuracy, informing producers across the entire length of the supply chain. “Predictor Plus integrates genetics, pasture nutrition and paddock topography to deliver profit and risk information to rangeland grazing businesses. The technology can accurately forecast cash outcomes of grazing management decisions and allows producers to engage in the carbon agenda by measuring their livestock emissions. With manure testing capabilities, the program can eliminate discrepancies and deliver accuracy.” While the technology is complex, Ms Lavis says it’s not specific to a singular grazing program. “People will be using the program for so many reasons and it’s really about finding something that will suit your production system. The more I am learning, the more benefits I am finding for so many different grazing practices. It’ll be great to see where it can take the industry.”
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